About Us


At Chasing Salt we love travelling and we love the ocean. Based on the Australian East coast, we spend our weekends by the water.   

There is nothing better than packing your beach gear and setting up for a day with the rhythmic sound of the waves. Blessed with kilometer's of beaches, in Australia there is endless fun to be had in the crystal water and the soft sand.  

All we needed was a comfortable pair of shorts that would not be too hot and durable enough to allow for long afternoons of beach cricket and body surfing.  

And this is how Chasing Salt started. 

We designed swim shorts that are made from fabric that has proven to be hard-wearing. We’ve crawled along rocks, jumped off cliffs and did weeks worth of swimming on our trips along the Australian coastline and these shorts have stood with us the entire time. 

As our shorts are microfibre, we decided to source a product that is made from recycled materials.  

If you love the water just like we do browse our shop and find the pieces that will make your day at the beach perfect.  

In the meantime we will be #chasingsalt. 


The Chasing Salt team.